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11-29-2012, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
You're actually providing your very own rebuttal here.

Clifford playing a lesser role with less talented linemates and less prime TOI/g and PP time and producing as he did is a credit to his success, not a weakness as you're trying to imply. Biggs opportunity at the same age is therefore greater so his stats should be greater accordingly, based on that factor of primary verses secondary role player due to situation.

The Clifford comparison is not my own, as its the opinion of actual NHL amateur scouts and can be found in the Hockey News. Leafs own Director of amateur scouting Dave Morrison in THN, himself is on record stating the organization is not expecting Biggs to be big scorer at the NHL level, but rather a big physical presence role player instead..

ie from TSN draft preview:

Which describes Kyle Clifford's role on the Kings, and the reason he was a high selection #35 overall in 2009, for all the intangibles beyond goals and assists he brings to the game. Hitting, fighting, crease crashing and being physically imposing are the areas that Leafs are looking for Biggs to make an impact in, when he gets to the NHL level.
hey mess... I never said anything against Kyle Clifford or that a lesser role should be held against him. I only pointed out that they had/have much different roles in the OHL so its hard to compare when they only thing this poster is comparing is the fact that they play a tough game, and had similar output as 19 year olds in the OHL.

I stand by my point that its ridiculous to compare him to someone who is only two years ahead of his development curve. Who is Kyle Clifford? is he a 2nd or 3rd liner? is he the 4th liner who didnt get to play in the Kings recent playoffs and is destined for the ECHL? Who knows, hes only 20 and has to establish himself as a player first. so why compare him to Tyler Biggs. Hey lets compare two unknowns to eachother.. if that is TSN's claim, it wont be the first time they are being ridiculous.

So as I mentioned.. lets not compare Tyler Biggs to players who have not even established their own roles in the NHL. Ive seen other scouts compare him to Dustin Brown and Milan Lucic.. but really who are we kidding.

So back to my point. Tyler Biggs looks to be a safe pick who likely will top out as a very good third liner. (and no Kyle Clifford is not yet a very good third liner, although he has the skill set to reach this as well)

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