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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
JMO, but this is all about revenue sharing and the Bruins bottom line.

Sometime in the recent past Bettman told the owners that the revenue sharing pool was going to be enlarged. So Jacobs said fine, you want me to contribute more money to revenue sharing, then I'm talking that amount out of the players hides.
To be fair though I don't think this is that unpredictable of a response.

Why should the Torontos/Bostons/Phillys/Montreals of the NHL in effect subsidize all these money losing franchises just so they can turn around and offer 20+ roster spots to players?

If I'm Boston, why should I give away a huge chunk of my profit so that a team like Columbus can go around throwing big dollars at a guy like Wisniewski?

Is Columbus doing anything to help my bottom line?

I'm not saying it's right/wrong, but I understand why some of the bigger teams may balk at having to give away more and more of their profit just so 10-15 unhealthy teams can continue to operate.

If the PA is the one benefitting from all the extra player jobs these "in trouble" franchises continue to provide, sure, they should have to "pay in" to the system too with CBA concessions specifically dropping their share of HRR to 50%.

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