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11-29-2012, 08:41 PM
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Originally Posted by PredaDORES View Post
Please continue to play the victim here. I told you to stop being a tool...because quite frankly, you're being one. I don't know what type of reaction you typically get when you accuse people of cheating, but this shouldn't be surprising. You were outplayed. It was a great series with swings both ways, but you lost. No one was glitching. Count your blessings. You took out 3 of my core players for the rest of the playoffs.
Outplayed? not really. you usually more shots from your many rebounds and when I had the leads, but I would certainly disagree with that. It was a pretty even series even with all the glitches.

I told you to stop messaging me on xbox and you have not, but given that you are so mature, why do you continue to go on and on?

Go spend some time researching glitch goals, as I did tonight, and if you can make a convincing argument that you do not use such goals consistently, then maybe you will have something interesting to say. More likely, you will realize what you are doing. Even more likely, you already know it, or else you wouldn't respond in this manner.

Nobody wants us to continue bickering, so let's not discuss it here any further.

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