Thread: Proposal: Van-Tor then Van-Det
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11-29-2012, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post

I have Hansen in my avatar but I would include him in a second in a deal for a player like Edler, no question. You'd be crazy not to. We have players like Hansen and Fillpula on our team, we only have one 50 point, 26 year old, all-star defensemen just coming into his own. I really can't believe this is even a consideration.
You have lots of 66 point 2nd line centers? I see only one. And if you traded him, you'd have none, kind of like Detroit. One thing I've learned from you is that you severely underrate Filppula. Nor do I see how you have a lot of players like Hansen. If Edler was signed, absolutely, Detroit would be dumb not to do this. However, Vancouver does not exactly have a ton of cap. I could see them not re-signing Edler. If that's the case and he does go to FA, then Detroit, with a huge need for him, and quite a bit of cap, as well as him being a Swede, you'd have to think would be a front runner for his services. From a Detroit perspective, I would rather have Helm+Filppula+chance at Edler over possibly Edler. Even if he is traded to Detroit, there is no guarantee he would sign there.

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