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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It's amazing how you apply a completely different standard to the owners and players.

For the players, if they invest 10 years (e.g. ages 14-24) of their lives into hockey, don't make it, have maybe $50,000 or even $200,000 left in the bank, have no job skills, and have debilitating injuries, then that's all well and good in your opinion because they still have the option of living like regular people; even though they're behind the curve in job skills and time.
I found this piece interesting. While I agree there's some bias for both sides of this argument, I don't understand how you can say this.

I played hockey for 10 years of my life and never missed a game or practice.

I wasn't talented enough to make the NHL and had no delusions with that and went on with my life. However, someone 14-24 may chase a dream and in your opinion lost out on life(or something) because they chased a dream. Look, most people get it, I knew of people who were stars in triple A and made the Q. They never made and they knew they wouldn't. Because someone doesn't get that the dream is over at 24 isn't really a problem of the owners or the market.

Really, there's 2 scenarios of what can be deemed as losing out on the dream(for those who play till 24):

1)You aren't good enough and didn't make it. After your Junior days you weren't good enough to be drafted, you weren't good enough for AHL and no legit league overseas had interest in you. You stayed in the ECHL(or equivalent league, maybe worse) holding on to a dream that you should've let go. Nothing wrong with holding on to a dream, but certainly the person in question should understand his odds.

2)You are a decent player and have NHL potential but don't make it. You play in the AHL after being drafted(or maybe not being drafted) and earn a pretty decent salary for your troubles but in the end, you aren't good enough and got passed on the depth chart.

There's other extreme scenarios but this is the idea. In some cases some may get a few games in the NHL and some may not. What matters is the general scenario. Either you held on too long or you got paid for your troubles with professional salary.

Sure, there's health risks, absolutely, but in these cases, if you aren't good enough, stop, if you are a legit prospect then you'll get paid with it and may even get a signing bonus.

No one forces any kid to stay till 24 or later. I think it's extreme to suggest someone chased the dream for a long time and weren't compensated for it. If you're decent, you'll get paid for it, guys like Keith Aucoin get 350k for playing in the AHL.

Honestly, if you're good enough for the AHL or an overseas league, you'll get compensated for it. If you're not good enough for either, you should probably move on at a certain point.

That being said, there are kids who get severly injured in junios and I'm not sure how CHL system is but I can only hope they would take care of full medical bills and all that.

BTW, CHL players get school paid for I believe, if you aren't good enough and go back to school, they pay your uni I think. Same with players on scholarships.

Not only that, are we seriously saying they got screwed by having only 50-200k left in the bank? I'm trying to avoid that, but it sticks out a lot to me. That's a pretty good way to start your next objective IMO.

I don't think it's fair to say it's all doom and gloom. They get to travel, they might get a salary, they might get benefits and they get a chance to chase a dream. I don't think they have to do it if they don't want, it's their choice.

If injuries occur, its part of the system. Honestly, there's a risk, there just is. If there wasn't, they'd get paid half. The desire to push includes the reward. Someone can get injured on the way but if they make it, they might get 10 mil over their career. If I play lotto, what are my odds? They have better odds but less security, it's life. It's unfortunate if they get hurt but it happens. My cousin got hurt and needs to get his knee checked often, he doesn't ***** about it, he had fun playing and knew he wasn't going to make it.

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