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11-29-2012, 08:01 PM
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Also I don't think the exchange with the Winnipeg Jets was out of line.

The Jet *are* the new kids on the block. The other teams have lived with this CBA for the full previous 7 years.

Winnipeg should have to wait its turn here, other teams are not going to accept a CBA deal that may be unfavourable/ill-advised in the long run just because Winnipeg was anxious to keep their newfound momentum going.

The guy may not have the best people skills, but I think a lot of this is just looking for a new scapegoat since everyone is getting bored of blaming Bettman for everything all the time.

Also downplaying the success the Bruins franchise has had the last several years by pointing to one awkward on-camera exchange that Jacobs had with Cam Neely for a minute or two is just stupid.

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