Thread: News Article: Jacobs shuts up Jets mgmt rep
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11-29-2012, 08:28 PM
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Sorry But Chipmans Denial is as suspect as the Source for the story.

Of course he would deny it. He would have too. There would be a lot of pressure on him to retract.

I love how everyone pretends rich people can't be pretentious jerks to each other. I have met a billionaire. He was touring a facility and I was driving a truck delivering stock. He happened by dock and struck up a conversation. He was a real down-homey pleasant type, all "shucks boy I earned my money", Then he walked off. I happened to see him later in the lunch room by the office where i got paperwork finisihed. He wanted something from his assistant. Some kind of itenerary change. He screamed at the man full voiced, not because the assistant wasn't doing it but because he wasn't doing it quick enough. It wasn't just "Hurry Up" either it was atacking the man and belittling him in every concievable way. insulting his looks,brains,personality. sickening.It was so bad I felt like telling him off.

Anyone can be nice to the public or the press when in business. It's best policy. I learned when I was 12 working in my Father's store. It's how you treat the staff that counts. It's how you treat the people you don't have to be nice to that matters.

I could see either side of this story being true. Chipman's response or the original story.

My personal bet is that it happened. I have often imagined this very kind of scenario occuring. I have no proof or story just a gut feeling.

I feel that Bettman works for a very select group of owners. a group within the group. I think the way the ownership has changed in the NHL over the last couple of decades means that Bettman was kind of the "Lord High Marshall" to a lot of the owners. He was the important and constant contact. He was the man you had to see, and to please if you wanted ito the gang. He has parlayed that into a position of power and strength over many of the owners.

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