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11-29-2012, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
Zetterberg WAS a much better player than Kesler early in their respective careers. Over the last 3-4 years Kesler has closed the gap and blossomed into one of the most dominant two-way centremen in the league.

Ask 100 people if they would prefer Kesler or Filppula and all 100 choose Kesler. Ask those same people who they take, Kesler or Zetterberg and the results will be much different.

Zetterberg has had a much more illustrious career than Kesler up to this point and will retire with better numbers but if you're looking at the present and immediate future, the 2 become close.

In short, they stack up very well going forward.
I said I thought Kesler was a better player than Filppula. Last I checked that Zetterberg and Kesler poll was at something like 70 to 10. Guessing you can get a couple crazy Wings fans to vote or speculate Kesler won't bounce back and Filppula will trend forward. I am not one, but think they could end up in similar neighborhoods with Kesler still the superior player.

Kesler came back from injury and had 49 points in 77 games and had to have another major surgery. Both of those surgeries hip and shoulder have been known to derail productivity. I don't know that this trend is as certain as you say and I don't think outside of a very poor October last year that Zetterberg has slowed down at all yet. He was one of the best players in the league over the whole backhalf of the season and then at the WC.

It wasn't meant to downgrade Kesler. I think you will find he has a lot of fans in Detroit. I like the way he plays and he is a local boy from Livonia and still spends his off-seasons in the Detroit area. My point was more to show something with Filppula. When placed in a top 6 role much like Kesler a big spike in production happened. Will he be as good no, just like Kesler won't be as good as Zetterberg. I was more pushing Filppula value is not useless and his trend should hit home with somebody else the Canucks are very familiar with. That doesn't make it his ceiling it was just an exercise to point out Filppula's value sorry if it has upset people. I don't think it is unfair and certainly think he is closer to making that association than Kesler is to Zetterberg sorry.

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