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11-29-2012, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
First of all, he wouldn't dominate, he would be playing against and with players of his age and of comparable skill. Second, he might have a desire to represent his country in an international tournament. I don't know that he does, but I'm just saying he might. And lastly, do you really believe those two weeks in the AHL are going to benefit him so greatly as to defeat all the positive experience he could've gotten from playing at the Juniors again? He can play in the AHL any time he wants, but it's his last chance to be a part of the WJC team. Plus, a "lesser" stage is debatable. There's definitely less physicality and AHL teams would beat the WJC ones purely on this, but as far as skill is concerned the better nations in the tournament have more than your run-of-the-mill AHL team does.

In any case, I think they should give him a choice, and not just say it's better for his development to grind in the AHL. If he'd rather stay with Binghamton, that's fine by me, but as long as he himself can decide. Well, whatever, I guess growing up in Europe having a choice in regards to this seems like a normal thing to me, as clubs are willing to release players on such occasions.
The Ottawa Senators have already made a huge commitment to the guy. They drafted him in the top ten and are paying him to play for their franchise. If they feel that it's better for him to stay in North America and focus on getting closer to NHL ready, then they have every right to do so.

What else is there to accomplish at the Junior Championships? He won gold and scored the game winner in the process. He's much better served staying in the AHL and staying focused on the team that he's already a part of.

Any AHL team would dominate any WJC team. They're older, more experienced, and closer in skill than you think. It's the same argument that people use when they talk about a good college football team beating a bad NFL team. It just wouldn't happen.

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