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Steve Rucchin !!!

Awards and Achievements:
Stanley Cup Finalist (2003)

Selke voting - 7th(1999), 14th(2000)

Offensive Accomplishments:
489 Points in 735 NHL Regular Season Games
17 Points in 37 NHL Play-off Games

From 1994-95-2003-04, Anaheim was 237-272-93 (.471) with Rucchin, and 54-80-34 (.423) without him.

Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 1995-96
late blooming… surprised everyone, including himself, by making rare leap directly from CIAU and becoming one of Ducks’ best two-way forwards. With NHL size and a great work ethic, he should enjoy a productive career.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1995-96
not only exceeded management’s expectations, but also his own. A center with good size and range, Rucchin gained the confidence to try a move on a defender and found his moves work. He is an older rookie, and his defensive game is advanced. Rucchin’s offensive skills were the unexpected bonus. A bit in awe of the league at first, Rucchin has good hockey sense that makes the most of his above-average skating, passing and shooting skills. His team-leading +/- was a true indication of his all-around play. He had a very good last month, once he started believing in his ability.

Rucchin can become a real force. He’s strong and balanced, willing to forecheck and fight for the puck along the boards and in the corners. When he wins the puck, he is able to create a smart play with it. He has long arms and a long reach for holding off defenders and working the puck one-handed, or reaching in defensively to knock the puck away from an attacker. He is an ideal #2 center for the Ducks. He started as a 3rd or 4th liner, but as he gained more confidence in his skills he became more of an offensive force.
Originally Posted by Hockey Almanac 1995-96
Big and strong, Rucchin is a solid, unspectacular playmaker who uses his size to create scoring chances. He will hold onto the puck until openings materialize. He has a good shot, and he knows when to shoot and when to pass… very few NHLers come out of Canadian college hockey and amount to much. Rucchin will have to battle that perception. He is not a thrilling skater, but he isn’t a total sled, either… Rucchin was a surprise to a lot of NHL bosses who didn’t pay him much attention during his college career. Now the Ducks are having the last laugh. Not only has he earned a spot, but he’s played well enough to ensure he’ll be around for several years.

WILL – add scoring punch
CAN’T – steal too much thunder
EXPECT – a solid two-way player
DON’T EXPECT – too many mental errors
Originally Posted by Hockey Almanac 1996-97
Rucchin has good size and strength. He is extremely versatile, working the corners well and handling the puck smoothly and calmly. Rucchin is as attentive to his defensive assignment as he is chasing the puck into the offensive zone. His coaching staff sees him as a player with the potential for about a point per game. And, he will double as a penalty killer and even help out the PP with his bulk in the slot… instinctively attuned to the game’s ebbs and flows, Rucchin is easy to coach because he already understands the game. He was one of the team’s top players in his first two NHL seasons, combining smart two-way play with poise. One of his greatest characteristics is his inner desire to be the best he can be at anything he tries. So he keeps pushing his game to a higher level.

WILL – provide offense
CAN’T – overshadow Kariya
EXPECT – solid two-way play
DON’T EXPECT – an all-star
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1996-97
Rucchin is an intelligent, versatile player who came out of nowhere to win a job with the Ducks… shows consistent improvement in his offensive game while not losing anything from his defensive job… Rucchin works well on the second line. He grinds and digs the puck off the wall, and has the vision and the passing skills to find an open teammate.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 1996-97
A versatile player with grat puck control and strong hockey instincts. Effective in traffic areas. Dependable and responsible defensively.

According to coach Wilson, “He’ll be an 80-point center who can kill penalties and could even reach 100-120 points.” Remember, that comes from the same man who said Kariya would break the 200-point plateau.
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 1996-97
continued his impressive transition from CIAU hockey inheriting top line duties (takes key faceoffs and also kills penalties) prior to being sidelined with a severe knee sprain. He has worked hard to add strength to his NHL-sized frame and given his defensive abilities, might otherwise fall into a checking role – but only if the Ducks can get better top line pivots.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 1997-98
Playing with kariya and Selanne certainly accelerated his development last year. Let’s see if he can continue the pace if he’s on the first line. As long as he centers the dynamic duo, anything is possible. Has great size. Plays with poise and is a heady player. Still completes his defensive assignments despite the urge to keep up with Kariya and Selanne. Forechecks well and uses his long reach to bother opponents. Will work the corners. Despite his size, isn’t overly physical.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1997-98
Rucchin is more than just the safety valve for Kariya and Selanne, though he certainly serves a valuable service in that capacity. Rucchin is just starting to get the idea that he can do much more, and he continues to improve as he pushes the envelope of his talent. The role isn’t easy for Rucchin, but he makes it look simple. First he has to concentrate on being back defensively. Then he has to rush to get into the play to get the puck to his linemates or give them some room to work. Since Rucchin was strictly a defensive centre in college, this has taken some adjusting over the years.

Rucchin often matches up against other teams’ big centers, such as Mark Messier. He plays hurt, as he did in the playoffs (separated shoulder)… The Ducks are still working on him psychologically, so he will think of himself as more than a caddy for the big two… he can score 80-85 points and be a Selke contender.
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 1997-98
proved the ultimate foil for the dynamic duo… unfortunately, injuries curtailed his playoff influence as he missed the first three playoff games against Phoenix with back spasms, then played the final five against Detroit with a separated shoulder… the back problems flared up on more than one occasion last season. When healthy, his great size and strength create space for the superstar wingers and his defensive mindset allows them more offensive freedom. Rucchin can dominate a game but doesn’t come out every night with the fire and intensity that is required… has to believe he’s a legit #1 center and not just a stopgap until better players come along.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1998-99
He still doesn’t think like a #1 center, and frankly, he doesn’t have the talent, but Anaheim forces him to play like one… he is patient and protects the puck well
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 1998-99
strong finish helped salvage an otherwise disappointing season… plagued throughout the first half by back problems and a nagging groin injury… his skill, size and strength have earned him a spot on the coveted top line but he has taken heavy abuse while carring out the bulk of the trenchwork. Besides the health factor, his intensity sometimes wanes, which would account for his streaky scoring patterns.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 1999-00
was two players last season. When in his usual role as ceter for Kariya and Selanne, he was the disher and the line’s defensive conscience. When moved to the second line, he helped spread the wealth by shooting more… playing on a 2nd line is more suited to Rucchin’s level, but he is such a stabilizing force with the gunners that coach Hartsburg went back to the combination for the playoffs… Rucchin thinks offense more in his second line role… more than just the water boy for Kariya and Selanne. He’s one of the important leaders on the team.
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 1999-00
skilled all-around pivot excels defensively and has the hands and vision to complement the big two but still lacks the nasty physical edge to be a dominating force.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 1999-00
became a household name to the NHL in 1998-99. One of the better faceoff men in the league, Rucchin rounded out his game, becoming a lesser man’s version of Ron Francis. When used on the top line, he is a steadying complement to Kariya and Selanne… a smart positional player who’s improving his overall skill level… an invaluable penalty killer, Rucchin seems to bring out the best in the dynamic duo…
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2000-01
The arrival of German Titov is expected to lessen some of the offensive burden off Rucchin and allow him to play as a #2 center, which is what he should have been all along… on the second line, doesn’t have to focus on being the safety valve… sharp hockey senseone of the best kept secrets in the NHL when it comes to faceoffs. Ranked 2nd only to Adam Oates last year according to somewhat questionable stats kept by the league, but he really is good at it. He can win a draw outright, or if he fails, he can tie up the opposing center
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2000-01
a pivotal component in Anaheim, the underrated Rucchin is quietly enjoying a respectable career. A strong, two-way center, he is often called upon to lead the second unit in order to spread the offense around… when with Kariya and Selanna, Rucchin complements his superstar linemates very nicely, maintaining an efficient defensive presence
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 2000-01
it was no fluke that the club’s ill-timed January slide coincided with an ankle infection that sidlelined him for 11 games… big, strong, and highly underratd… started on the 2nd line but was soon reunited with the superstars as his solid mix of grit, sound defense and faceoff skills were missed.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2001-02
The Mighty Ducks found out the hard way just how valuable a player like Rucchin is. A broken nose and cheekbone turned into post concussion syndrome, which killed the Ducks’ playoff hopes. When healthy, Rucchin is strong on faceoffs, responsible defensively and one of the most cerebral players in the league. The big pivot is usually on the ice with the game on the line. Not a major goal-scoring threat, Rucchin thrives on playmaking and support.
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 2001-02
Injuries conspired against him… size, defense and faceoff abilities were sorely missed on the top line last season…
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 2002-03
Misfortune continued to hound him… big, strong pivot is dependable, hardworking and consistently operates in the danger areas, using his good skating and puckhandling skills to create space for his linemates, however, he’s also sound defensively, wins faceoffs and is versatile enough to play a variety of roles… unlucky and underrated.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2002-03
Every team needs a Steve Rucchin on their roster. Unfortunately, the two-way center’s absence has been felt all too often throughout his career… when in the lineup, Rucchin provides stability, size, excellent hockey sense and a defensive conscience to the top line. He has enjoyed tremendous chemistry with Kariya and a keen ability to find open wingers… an essential part of the franchise.
Originally Posted by Hockey Scouting Report 2003-04
healthy for the first time in three seasons, Rucchin was one of the key reasons why the Ducks made it into the playoffs at all, let alone the Stanley Cup Finals. Rucchin is a checking center whose finesse skills were so honed in the days when he was Anaheim’s #1 center that he doesn’t look out of place in a more offensive role. It all starts with his best asset, his size, along with above average skating and elite level smarts, which makes him Anaheim’s best all-around player… Rucchin is a bear on draws, and he is especially focused on a defensive zone faceoff… Rucchin is a defensive forward in a power forward’s body… he often matches up against other teams’ big centers, and more often than not shuts them down… Rucchin is physically and mentally tough. He not only overcame his own serious injuries, but coped with the death of his brother in the past year. He is a gamer, a leader, and one of the most intelligent and respected players in the NHL. Rucchin should be a selke trophy candidate.
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 2003-04
Rebounded in spectacular fashion, spearheading Anaheim’s turnaround and delivering 7 goals in the playoffs, including three in the final three games… Big, strong, and dependable, Rucchin does everything well, from winning faceoffs to logging all the difficult defensive minutes, yet, despite maintaining an aggressive edge, rarely hurts his team with bad penalties… as goes blue collar star, so go the Ducks.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2003-04
An invaluable member of the Ducks.. good size, excellent faceoff ability and supreme intelligence at both ends of the rink. He’s a coach’s dream. He makes his linemates better, either with his offensive prowess or by covering up defensively… as the heart and soul of the Anaheim franchise, he’s far more valuable than what his statistics indicate.
Originally Posted by McKeen’s Hockey Pool Yearbook 2005-06
first year captain led the Ducks in goals at the quarter pole of the season before being hampered by knee problems… consistent producer when healthy.
Originally Posted by Sports Forecaster 2007-08
A concussion took him out of the final quarter of the season… That’s the story of his career. A hard working, two-way center, he’s no longer 2nd line pivot material since he’s missed a significant amount of time in 8 of his 11 seasons due to injury.

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