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11-29-2012, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
1-Thomas is a freak, everyone knows that. There is nothing normal about him. Brodeur is WAY past his prime, sorry. I mean LOL at Brodeur... do you think he should be there because of his performance this year too?
2-Well they decline, just like every other player. Doesn't mean they can't play anymore, just means they aren't as good.
3/4-Lu's not as good as he was in florida. And goalie stats aren't inflated?!!! Mike Smith, Brian Elliott, etc. Check out the Save% leaders... all from playoff teams. Are you for real?
5-Leafs are interested. No one else. How can you make that guarantee, especially when Gillis thinks like Canicks fans (overrates him) and everyone else thinks something closer to me?
6-He can lose it quite easily. Was far from spectacular in 2011-12. Not playing this year. In y2k's words, ''has horrible octobers'' or something like that... yeah I don't like his chances.
1- So just ignore Thomas, okay. And yes, Brodeur is past his prime, but guess what? He still got the nod to start for team Canada in 2010.

2- So you're basing this on that you expect Luongo to decline. What about other goalies like Vokoun or Kiprusoff? Neither of those goalies were/are as good as Luongo, and they haven't declined noticeably as of yet.

3/4- So you're saying Luongo, who's average sv% in Florida was .9192%, and in Vancouver was .9197%, so obviously Luongo must have suddenly declined without anyone knowing it for his sv% to have remained the same. And are you really going to take the sv% of goalies only one season after being traded as a benchmark? See if Elliott or Smith repeat, then come back to me.

5- Avatar bet that Luongo will not be backing up Schneider in 2013-2014?

6-Sure he could lose it, just like Brodeur lost it. But he'll still start, and it's his to lose.

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