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Originally Posted by subnet View Post
That's the thing that might suck the most. We're FINALLY at a point where we have high-end young talent. FINALLY at a point where we might start winning some games. And if the team gets split

Hopefully the Big 4 + Yak will surprise us and decide to all sign with us because of their camaraderie and loyalty to each other (ok Yak might not be there). If not, the past 6 years (I can't remember it's been so long) have been a complete waste.
as i said, if we centralized Gary would be signing players for the "branches"/"franchises". I am pretty sure he would make give or take offers--like most employers. "Well Mr Hall, in Edmonton we have a position within that franchise that might fit you. Thank you for applying and here is our offer"

Im not saying it isnt risking a few players but the intention would be there and it doesnt violate anything because in a few recent court battles it has been the courts ruling that the NHL is the business and the teams are merely departments of its entertainment ventures. It will serve them well in the future if it needs will the players playing in other countries proving the market is not controlled by the NHL. Unlike NBA and NFL players who couldnt find work because of the lack of interest in the global market (watching NBA clips and empty stadiums makes me wonder if the market for their product in NA is an illusion, a flea circus) NHL players have many competitors to choose from to make a living and proven it, overseas and in NA.

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