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Originally Posted by Maxwell Goldshadow View Post
You should try and build your PC from parts.

And lastly, you'll want Windows 7. Vista is a steaming pile of cow dung.

Originally Posted by Avder View Post
...and the PC I build...
I have NEVER owned a prefabricated PC. NEVER. I have owned 7 computers in my life. The first one was built by my mothers then current boyfriend while I assisted and learned how to do stuff like that, another 5 were built by myself, and the other one was a PC built by someone else that I got for ultra cheap to use as a server way back when I actually had stuff that would benefit from having a dedicated server.

My current PC' basic Specs:
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
8 Gigs of RAM
1 TB Hard drive (2x500GB in RAID-0)
Whatever ATI Videocard was top of the line back in '09 when I built it
And the same keyboard, mouse, and monitors I've had for the past 6 years or so.

And yeah I was skeptical about Vista when I built this current rig, but it was either Vista 64 or XP 64 bit and Vista seemed like it was supported a lot better, so I went with that. I have not had any issues on it with this machine. The only real issue I ever had with Vista is that Microsoft was forcing manufacturers to put it on hardware that it had no business even trying to run on.

Like, for example, my current (and in dire need of replacement) laptop. It came with Vista on it. It had extremely low specs, and at the time I bought it that was fine, I was not going to be doing any kind of hard core gaming on it or anything, just mostly homework stuff. But Vista booted so damned slow on it that the first night I had it I literally nuked the partition and installed XP from scratch on it. Still has it. Ran GREAT after that, but it has been slowing down ever since thanks to applications getting more resource intensive over time, particularly browsers and anti-malware stuff. I hardly use my laptop now anymore, but I'm trying to go back to school sometime soon, so I will need something at least decent to do things with. And that means I either need to buy a new one, upgrade the current one with more ram and possibly a solid state drive, or nuke XP and put Linux on it.

So yeah... dont worry, if I do get a new computer this year, it will be built by hand, by myself. Just like every other one I have had in the past decade.

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