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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
Rises definitely tied the loose ends of the series together pretty well, but I still like the what the second movie did with its role. The second movie of a trilogy often has a tough time because it's like a holding pattern until the third one. The Dark Knight did a great job of avoiding that trap.
I always look at it as the opposite. The second movie sets the tone for where the series will go and the third movie has the toughest battle because it has to provide the "ending" to the saga, which some will undoubtedly hate, while others will love it. You have to execute it VERY well to get a considerably positive reputation for the movie on the whole. Although, by the same token, the second has a tough time depending on how beloved the first movie was. Sometimes that bar is set too high and there's really nothing that can do to be "good enough." In those cases, its tough to make the second one, but even still that makes the third that much worse, as it either has to be great to redeem the series, or it looks like a terrible money grab that is expected to suck.

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