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Originally Posted by WeWantACup View Post
Agreed but sports is a result based business and even the most optimistic fan mus have his reservations about the Leafs lineup.

There is a distinct difference between acceptance and being optimistic.
Nice to see you.

When Burkewas telling LEafs Nation what it wanted to hear...that it wouldn't take 5 years to make the playoffs...I heard a lot of media people looking at the club were saying 7 years to make it competetive.

And to be honest when you take into account the amount of young talent of the teams we were beating, and the Prime aged Talent on the teams we were chasing and the assets we were left with, 7 years was far more reasonable.

Most teams can make a rebuild in 5 years because they have soem good pieces to move out. And if we could have moved McCabe, Sundin, Kaberle and Tucker while their value was high, we wouldn't have needed to bring in Burke for a rebuild.

Originally Posted by WeWantACup View Post
i can understand what you are saying but it is he who set the timelines
He got ahead of himself.

I would have loved to have seen what Burke would have done with Steen and Coli as assets.

Heck Steen might be our #1C right now if not for Fletcher's deperate shot in the dark. We might still have White, and moved Coli in the Phaneuf deal. Who knows.

Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
To be fair Burke admitted he failed as GM, right from the big horses mouth, not sure how much simpler it can be
This is just another reason I llike him.

He admitted he failed in the first goal he set out, which was getting back in the playoffs. Sure he wasn't happy about it, but throwing a tantrum about it won't change anything.

I laugh when people think him admitting his failure is a reason to fire him. Even his failure in itself is not a reason to fire him. Such things remind me of hte knee jerk reactions of Govt.s and companies who are only worried about optics and not substance.

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