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11-29-2012, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
I thought it was refreshing to have a team leader fire somebody before most expected it, as opposed to not at all or only after every single fan had vehemently pleaded for it for years.

I mean, look at franchises in this town. Maciocia, Lowe, Crandell, MacT...all retained far beyond their expiry dates to the severe detriment of their respective franchises. Finally a guy wasn't given years on end to destroy the team, he was fired after one bad year. Works for me, I'm not going to demand detailed reasoning from the guy who pulled the trigger.
It would be refreshing if Rhodes fired himself for sheer incompetence.

He totally approved the Ray trade which gave marginal return. He was fine with the trade, supported it, then alludes to some actions during the year that he and others in the org were not pleased or comfortable with, yet continued to allow Tillman, who wasn't even around, to have full licence on team transactions and without even a requirement to OK it with his supervisors. Rhodes waited until our number one draft was traded for hockey pucks, waited while a dozen players without contracts ended the season without extensions, renewals or new contracts, then finally canned Tilman when he could do no more damage this season and which only served to be a distraction at the worst time and effectively only served to make the players answer to nobody at the time of the playoffs.

Sheer genius at work.

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