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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
I respect Scotty Bowman to high heaven, but come on. He's not above criticism.
No, no one should be but his list makes my Dman list look good in comparison.

My guess is that he didn't really edit it.

Trottier at 62 is simply indefensible IMO, especially considering some of the lesser two way players ahead of him.

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Oh, Gretz was already on the downside of his peak, I'm not debating that but the Suter hit knocked him down sharply and sped up the process greatly.
He simply wasn't the same player after.

Year - Raw PpG - ADJ PpG
84/85 - 2.60 - 2.08
85/86 - 2.69 - 2.13
86/87 - 2.32 - 1.96
87/88 - 2.33 - 1.94
88/89 - 2.15 - 1.78
89/90 - 1.95 - 1.64
90/91 - 2.09 - 1.87
----Suter Hit------
91/92 - 1.64 - 1.46
92/93 - 1.44 - 1.16
93/94 - 1.60 - 1.47
After 86 we see a real dip in .3 PPG in real stats (less in adjusted of course) and then another two seasons around 2.3PPG then a dip to the 2.10 range for 3 seasons before the Suter hit.

For someone who focuses so much on raw stats, how can you not see that pattern?

Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
This just proves that it's pretty damn hard to rank players all by yourself. How long did he sit down to do this list by the way?

My guess Gretzky on 5th is because he wanted Richard up with his comparable Howe and Gretzky with his (Lemieux). Not a big deal really.

I wonder how serious he is with this list and it seems he put emphasis on older players. Maybe its a list to cause a debate? He has always been a little controversial
Hard to say but I doubt that he would seriously defend all of his choices after some 2nd thought.

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
I don't think you knew Gretzky very well if you think he was going to complain publicly about an injury or a bad back.
He simply was not the same after the Suter hit. Anyone who was watching him saw it.
This is true, Wayne was the true professional, in every way, in his career and no doubt the Suter hit probably affected an already clear trend but it's hard to say to what degree..

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