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Originally Posted by sixgunsdad View Post
As a fan I would love to see it happen.
As n ex-union rep. no way in hell would I let that happen
I, more than just a fan would like to see this happen.

If unions are for the people they represent why would it prevent or discourage them from meeting with the people they are negotiating with? Can the players not grasp the situation, understand and speak to their side like the union leaders?

I'm sure there are many players outside the current circle that might like to know first hand details and arguments of THEIR negotiations. As many voices of the effected parties should be heard and listened to as possible. It would help draw to a consensus, even if over time.

Just having the talking heads do the negotiations has done nothing so far. With the less information, understanding and imput as you would get hearing second hand it's more susceptible for manipulation by the few. Perhaps, protecting their own interests.

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