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11-29-2012, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Tedi View Post
OMG!!! This lockout crap is really too much. This isn't going to happen, the PA has no leverage so they are flexing the only muscle they have left. Do you truly believe they don't realize how privileged they are. They (players) won't destroy their cash cow.
They kind of have been destroying their cash cow. If they didnt want to destroy their cash cow they might have wanted to raise their voices last year to get the PA to neogtiate and avoid a work stoppage, or this summer or now or how about when PA leaders axed Paul Kelly and effectively ended his investigation of leaders embezzling - an investigation which was being run by former and current FBI auditors, how they fired a guy pro-actively working to close loopholes so the business wouold be stronger and avoid work stoppages while increasing the integrity of the league and the rights of the players. Not only did they fire Kelly with no grounds and most of the membership not being informed...infact the PA player leadership was not even informed until 48 hours prior to their vote on his dismissal...but they replace him WITH FEHR the man who negotiated in bad faith until he got to the playoffs where he pulled his plaayers off the field to strike and caused billions in damages to an industry that had never suffered and now needed truck loads of juicing HGH guzzling babies to try to become relevant in the american consciousness again.

I dont see them making the same revs for at least 3 years now. The game is oing to limp for a few years...the business at least. Players mostly to blame in my eyes trying to hang on to what they knew was expiring. Also players for just being stupid... but im sure who ever led the move to throw Kelly out is enjoying playing with the players pension funds

Canada likely wont see a huge drop in interest. America though? they dropped baseball...BASEBALL, like a sack of potatos. Good luck.
hell 43% of 3.3 is likely to look really nice when they see the 50 0r 52% of dropping revs. LOL . lets hold out for more and pi** off sponsors. smar t move.

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