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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
I've never understood why you would date a teammate, that's a big hockey no-no. If you are already married or engaged to them then fair enough, but just normally dating? Absolutely not, the whole don't **** where you eat saying and all that, if they broke up I can't even imagine the awkwardness it would cause, and if the break up was ugly you might end up splitting the locker room because people take sides.
It is???

I thought so too and that's why he had to pursue me for the best part of a year before I agreed to go out with him, but that's more info than y'all need to know

Most of these girls only started played because of their men, (and I have to say, I'm always suspicious of girls like that. So single girls in the club are a rarity. I can only think of one other girl who started playing then met her boyfriend...but I digress.

I think some female players overcompensate with the physical play to make up for being smaller or slower. It's something that they tend to get over with experience, they realise that they can crosscheck and try to start slappy fights all they want but it won't make up for actual skill.

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