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11-29-2012, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by echlfreak View Post
The owners knowledge of business and the economics of the game vastly outscores that of the players. The players are completely outmatched. From the players perspective the goal of the meeting should not be to outsmart the owners but more so to show absolute and unwavering unity.
This is the single largest issue with this entire debacle.

We are told that all PA decisions are made by the players, including the path of negotiation it takes. Yet the most determined player supporters will admit the vast majority know jack squat of "the business and economics of the game"

...isn't that what this whole damn lockout is about?!...

Sure..the players are "informed".. Meaning that when the NHL tells them they need 50% split to maintain a healthy economic model... Fehr tells the players that this "draconian" request is just a negotiation tactic. This is not for debate... We've seen this numerous times in interviews and in Fehrs made-public memos. Just because they are "informed" , does not mean they understand what the league is saying. Just what Don Fehr interprets the message to be.

I can appreciate that what Bettman has proposed can be viewed as a tactic (especially seen in the light as a precursor to decertification by calling out the players ability to negotiate without a union head). However, if the players can't all together face a meeting with the very people paying them (or negotiating with).. How the hell can they make any judgement calls or take any kind of stance in this entire thing?

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