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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
Seems a bit light for a guy who has a great contract and is a very strong leader off hitter. Maybe the kid works out, but trading Span for just one player, a pitcher who's seen nothing but A ball likely won't turn out well. Maybe he lives up to his potential, but that's a long road to the MLB and for one of the team's better assets, it seems they came up a bit short, IMO.
I thought similar, but reading Gleeman's take on the deal walked me back a bit. The scouting services he's talked to (Baseball America, Keith Law, say Meyer will be in the 50-75 range of their top 100 lists ('s list is out and has him at #50). Getting a guy who would be the best pitching prospect in roughly 2/3rds of the systems in baseball and has top of the rotation upside. Span's a good player on a nice contract, but teams aren't exactly desperate to give up top of the rotation potential for someone who's more solid than star.

There's certainly risk involved, but Meyer's 22 years old and pegs his ETA as 2014, so he's a bit closer than his never pitched above A ball status may suggest. Somebody more proven would have been nice, but I'm not sure that would have been a realistic expectation. It's at least a better deal than the Span for a middle reliever rumor from a year or so ago would have been, although that may be a textbook example of damning with faint praise.

Gleeman's take:'s list:
Originally Posted by this providence View Post
I think they should have traded an outfielder, but it should have been the guy who just had a career year and at his prime age. That's how you handle things when you're one of the worst teams in the league. Span still held value for this team and would still retain that type of value for the foreseeable future. No reason to move him in particular for a completely inferior player like Revere who I think is not not a capable everyday guy. He doesn't get on base near enough to be a top of the order guy, and he may as well just be kicking the ball towards infield instead of using his "arm." While his range is great, he's not a player they should be clearing space for, IMO.

The rest of the OF prospects have certainly shown their worth and are very much on their way, but I don't see the need to clear a path at this point in time. Just my take, though.
It isn't moving Span to clear way for Revere (who isn't that far off from the player Span's been the last 3 years, pretty much dead even when it comes to getting on base--his OBP last year was a smidgeon better than Span's in 2 of the last 3), it's moving him in order to address a major organizational weakness.

Willingham should certainly be on the block, but Span being as solid as he is isn't really enough to keep him off it in my eyes, so I can't quite get on board with that particular gripe.

I like Span, sucks to see him go, but at least the Twins are being proactive about addressing their dearth of non high 80's with good control types in their pitching pool.

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