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Originally Posted by rumrokh View Post
This is why, if there is no season, there's a silver lining because despite being one of the best teams in the league, the Blues have two balls in the lottery. That's a legit shot at a top 10 pick in a draft that's deep with centers.
Scoring-line centers are just not easily found. Check out recent drafts:
2006: I think it's safe to ignore the EJ selection - it was fairly unanimous that he was the best choice and he looked like the absolute right call after his rookie year. After that, they grabbed Berglund, who is easily the best center picked from his slot, onward.
2007: they chose Eller, whose only competition after he was chosen is Jamie Benn. Everybody missed him and he has only made the transition to center this last year - Ott still took a ton of his faceoffs for him. Eller has not shown the ability to consistently play above the third line. He will continue to grow, but he's not the center the Blues need.
2008: The Blues missed Stepan in the 2nd and Henrique in the 3rd, and it's possible Loktionov, from the 5th, becomes notable. A couple of good centers slipped by the Blues and every other team - I like Henrique, in particular.
2009: After Rundblad, the centers of note are Johansson, O'Reilly, and later, Kruger, and possibly Craig Smith, neither of whom are a big deal. I would not give up Tarasenko for them, but, I agree, it would be nice to have Johansson or O'Reilly.

After that, no centers available to the Blues have made an impact or have emerged as clearly superior prospects. Out of the available centers in those drafts, who would improve the Blues in the next, oh, four years? Berglund and Eller were very keen selections, and I would not give up Halak for Eller or Tarasenko for Johansson or O'Reilly. Stepan and Henrique are the only slip-ups. That's actually outstanding drafting. Unfortunate that they haven't been in a position to get a better center through drafting, but it hasn't been due to the drafting, itself.
Would someone mind explaining why we have a second ball in this theoretical.

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