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Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post
They probably won't move to decertify unless it's clear this season is lost already, like mid-February, although decertification threats helped end the NBA lockout last year. If they thought they could get a court ruling in time to save this season, I think they would have done it already. It's about getting them playing for the 13-14 season.
OK, next year is a whole different ballgame for me... I agree that the NHLPA would do everything in their power to ensure that the players are playing next year (if this year gets cancelled)... There's no way, IMO, the players wouldn't play for two seasons in a row... After a lost season, I could see the majority of players just wanting to get back to playing in the NHL (with the opportunities and benefits that it brings)... If that means entering the unknown (through decertification), and taking the chances that come with the unknown, I think they'd be more inclined to risk it, after a lost season... After all, better than not playing at all...

This season, I don't see all (majority) of the players being on board to actually decertify... I don't know how decertification works... but, I assume, it would need a vote? Majority of votes win?

If before February (or, before no hope for a season this year), I can see the players voting positive to "start the decertification process"... as in, officially announce (to anyone who will listen), "the decertification process has started"... which could mean, anything, from they talked about it over a beer... to they looked online for research about it... To, they downloaded the appropriate forms online to fill out... That could be the start of the decertification process... I could see this happening as soon as tomorrow or this weekend...

If before February, I think the players would perhaps all (most) get behind the bluff of decertification... To "start the process" (which could mean anything, really) with the plan to get the owners to pause, blink, and negotiate more towards them... It's a card in hand still to be played... To seriously consider decertification or seriously get the ball rolling though, I agree, that it would (I would think) be post-February (or post-behind hope to playing this year, whatever month or day that is)... The NHLPA, IMHO, would need time to get the majority of players on board anyways (assuming it's a majority vote that determines if it gets seriously explored to put into motion)... The decertification process itself, IMO, could split the union and perhaps cause a coup... It's something that's pretty damn impactful to the business of NHL hockey, and how the players are compensated... My impression is that the majority of players just want to play hockey at the highest level (and get paid well for it... and reap the rewards that playing a professional sport brings)... I really don't think the majority would get behind changing the business side of it all that much (i.e. no union), where they have to concern themselves with the business side much more, or think about the business side of it all that much (I realize there are agents... but it's different being a lone ranger than being in a union)... The majority of players seem to have opinions (obviously) but for the most part they have left the business side up to the union and the negotiating committee... And now the union would be saying, it's best to have no union? Would confuse the hell out of Ben Eager... It would be interesting to see if the majority of players would want that fight, or if they just give in to the NHL at that point...

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