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11-29-2012, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Frank Drebin View Post
I'm not replying to your post because you are putting words in my mouth.

No where in this thread did I say anything about regular season stats, depleted defense, etc.

All I am basing my opinion on is how they performed on the biggest stage in their career (SCF). Ward clearly can handle a big game while Luongo cant.

Ryan Miller was the best goalie in that tournament by far, Luongo was probably 4th behind Hiller and Halak.
Well in the biggest stage, Luongo went up against a better team, with a depleted line-up and still managed to win us 3 games including 2 shutouts.

I take it you didn't watch that SCF.

Originally Posted by Frank Drebin View Post
Cam Ward is a much better choice because he performed much better when the pressure was on. He was clutch while Luongo was the opposite. Even in 2010 - a bad rebound with less than 2 minutes left that results in a goal...not clutch. The game where he made the "big save" on Demitra? Go watch the first Slovak goal. Way to protect a 3-0 lead with less than 10 minutes left

:50 seconds

If you want to debate me debate me on that point. I'm not getting drawn into statistical nonsense.
Because you know you will lose, and I will admit the 1st goal wasn't his greatest, but the 2nd goal can't be faulted entirely to him, everyone was puck watching and the Slovak was able to stand right infront and bang it in without a Scratch to show for it.

According to you Ward was much better in the big stage, yet he got blown in back to back years in clutch moment's for Canada, whereas Luongo played great in the Olympics.

And BTW, you can say they won "in spite" of Luongo, but if that's the case then why did they put him on the team? Or even start him in the GMG? They could have chosen any other canadian goalie, but unlike you they have smart hockey people and realize he was the best option.

We didn't win in spite of anyone, it's a team game & everyone did there part in 2010, including Lu.

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