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11-29-2012, 11:30 PM
Tender Rip
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I always considered BigMcEnormous to be a moderator already. And a giant.

Though I haven't seen a music run down from you lately. That's an affront honestly, and contributes hugely to my hard disk being starved for input. Not like we have indie radio stations crawling out our ***** here in Shanghai... or the firewall allows access to western such. Pirating and torrents though... we have that down pat. So, set to work hombre.
And anyway, Social Club in Aarhus sucks. You just have fond memories from there because they're wannabee indie hipsters and the blondies in Aarhus go nuts when they hear an accent. Even the coke sniffing law students, which is a particularly devious set of blondes in Aarhus.... oh man.. Am I right? I am right .

What am I saying, I loved Social Club also... ah... the travails of being married.

NB: Can we haz Mozyakin?

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