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11-29-2012, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by God Made Me View Post Robinson was a better defensive player than Savard. I would describe him more as a good all around player. I've never seen him described as an "offensive" dman before.
I probably stretched my argument a bit too far to try to understand how Bowman could take Savard over Robinson. Honestly, it is a real head-scratcher. Nonetheless, Bowman coached both men, and for a lengthy period of time, so I'm not inclined to just dismiss his take out of hand.

That being said...

Originally Posted by mobilus View Post

I think anything after #20 is almost irrelevant in terms of order... you'd just start listing names in the order they come to mind. If I were Bowman I certainly wouldn't spend time dithering over whether someone should be ranked #58 or #73. Kind of surprised Middleton isn't on his list though.
There's probably some truth to this. I doubt that Bowman took days and days of careful thought compiling this list. Like you wrote, he probably just started listing names in the order they came to mind. Bowman may have simply forgot about Trottier until he reached a certain number.

This is why I'm not that concerned about Trottier or Clark.

But I do think that Bowman probably did put a lot of thought into his first 20 or so picks, which is why Gretzky at 5 is certainly intriguing.

Originally Posted by Dennis Bonvie View Post
Seems to like goal scorers over playmakers. I like that.


Seems to have disdain for goalies. I don't know enough about them to disdain them, except in rare instances.
Yeah, I think Bowman rates the goalies rather lowly.

Here is where I think his time as a Red Wings coach had a big impact on his thinking.

The Red Wings won cups with just decent No. 1 goalies. Vernon and Osgood weren't bad, but they weren't anything fantastic. And so I can see Bowman coming to the conclusion that the goalie position isn't all that important.

I don't think I agree with that, but I can see why Bowman could quite reasonably think that given his own coaching experience.

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