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Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
1- Not impossible? Okay then...Luongo obviously must have some condition that I'm unaware of that would make him more likely to decline than other goalies.

2- Agree to disagree then? Vokoun was fine until he got injured.

3- He just a year removed from Vezina nomination. He won the Olympic Gold. The Canucks were near the top of the league in shots allowed on net. There is quite literally nothing that supports your claim that Luongo has declined.

Who's a better team, Philadelphia or Phoenix? Wait, so why did Bryzgalov...
You might be able to make an argument for the system, but definitely not the calibre of the team. Vancouver plays a very offense-oriented game. Anyone who watched the Canucks could see that for the last stretch of the season our offense had dried up due to injuries and overall complacency, and it was goaltending that bailed us out time and time again.

5- You said Luongo will be playing less in 2013-2014 because of Schneider, when there is no chance that that will happen.

6- So just assume he'll suck, okay, I guess we'll see then.
1- ? I wouldn't be comfortable with ANY of those goalies at 35... ??? What are you talking about?

2- And he got injured. And he came back and was not good. You know... like an ageing goalie. Right?

3- Since getting to Vancouver, the average NHL save % has been steadily climbing. Up to .914 in 2011-12. Luongo had .919 (on a great team), suggesting he is slightly above average.

He was well above average before. Not anymore, while the Canucks have become a Presidents Trophy winner. Something's wrong here. As demonstrated, good teams have good save %, and not necessarily because of the goalie (Elliott, Halak, Howard and Smith).

Also, luongo321 has admitted (finally someone did, was that so hard?) that Luongo is inconsistent and gives up soft goals.

4- Name a goalie with a great save % who played on a bad team... that's right, you can't. The Canucks do not play run and gun, not even close. they have terrific defensive players, and Lu's .919 sv% is NOT why they gave up less than 200 goals. Mother of God. You HONESTLY think your team is bad defensively and Lu is the reason why they gave up less than 200? Please. Please.

5- ??
If both are on the same team, Lu will be backing up Schneider. That's what I think. You're saying there is no chance of this happening? Please.

6- yep. won't be as good as Ward.

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