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11-29-2012, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
Class isn't retweeting someone saying you want someone dead. So what he's frustrated, I think fans are much for frustrated then any player because the fans have nothing to gain by any of this and everything to lose. Last time I checked Bolland is still receiving an NHL paycheck for not working. But he is upset, why because he is on a paid vacation. Bolland made an idiot move and proved like lots of other players have that beneath their great public persona they put out. They're are some of the most selfish moronic people on the planet and the one smart thing any of them can do is SHUT-UP!
This just kills me.

Any fan that is more frustrated by the lockout than the players is an abject fool. It's their life, the fans should get their own.

And if you have so much deep-seeded antipathy toward the players, why do you bother here or with you recreational time and dollars watching or going to games? Go away, find something you can be with rooting for people you respect. If you have so little respect for the people that have dedicated their whole life to the game, that sacrifice their bodies and live for the competition - and instead side with the owners that bought into the game doing something else, fine. Corporations hold annual meetings that are open to the public, and quarterly conference calls you can listen into and learn all about the process of maximizing (near-term) profits. Find your new heroes there. But don't come back here later and talk about how great of a leader Toews is or how tough Bolland is to play against.

You're a company man. The players are the help to you.

For the record, players are not receiving NHL paychecks, but the owners are still getting their salary plus stadium-related income plus other business income. It is what it is, but let's keep it straight.

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