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11-29-2012, 11:47 PM
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Shout out to NYI, that was a hell of a series. Great defense, both goalies shined for the most part, and some beautiful transition play. Honestly, I feel like this series was won in the neutral zone as weird as that sounds lol. And I also really feel I learned a lot from you about positional defense, how to not back up on oncoming forwards, and being patient and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Game 3 was key to the series for me - back and forth all game tied with 10 seconds left, and my dman was able to jump into the rush late and lean into a one timer that Lehtonen would probably like to have back.

NYI did a hell of a job containing Ovechkin so I had to defer to Backstrom who really stepped up this series and showed he can be elite. Playing Kane's second line more really gave Ovi more jump, I forgot how the guy can fly on full stamina. Most importantly tho, the entire defense core of Carlson Alzner Orlov Larsson were the heros in this one and clutch as hell.

All in all, great series man. Heart was racing every game, got butterflies watching the pregame intros. This is definitely the heart of this game. I promised myself I wasn't gonna get too into it after losing to Winnipeg last year, but low and behold, game one, here I am jumping around the room like a gorilla after every goal and flailing my hands yelling at Luongo every goal against. At one point in game 5 I was breaking down the ice on an odd man rush and my gf was baking cookies and brought one right in front of my nose and I didn't even notice it was there haha. Glad I got to play ya NYI, look forward to our games next year and continuing this rivalry!

Now to start working on how the hell to beat that beast of a goalie Markstrom enough times to win 4 games. Gonna raise his stats in game and get to work in practice mode to see if there's any way to beat this guy.

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