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11-29-2012, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Price 89 View Post
Maybe I'm stupid but if I go on breakaway four times in a game and score two like that is it abuse? It's 50%. To me abusing some thing would 75%-100% of the time.

But now it's anyone word vs mine, and you'll always take there side, is that fair? I could be thrown out because someone just doesn't like losing and states i did that when I didn't at all?

Anyways goodnight everyone!
This isn't my fight but technically what you just said is you do the best in the world deke 100% of the time on breakaways. that would be considered the abuse.... regardless of whether you scored or not.

its like when I was doing the rebound goals (at the time).... regardless of whether it worked or not it was still pissing people off because they claimed it was the "only thing I had"

essentially, booty is saying you cant do **** without it.

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