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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
Luongo faced half the shots Schneider did though. AND scoring chances short-handed doesn't automatically mean a goal against. Goalies are allowed to make the save you know. That's my point.

Schnieder had a MUCH better regular season... mostly due to being consistent and not inconsistent like Luongo.
I'm going to be calm here.

You say that Luongo having an equal even strength save percentage to Schneider is meaningless because he faced have as many shots. Okay. Remember this for later on.

Then you go onto say that it's Luongo's fault for not stopping those short-handed chances that were coming in bunches. By the way, going by memory here, Schneider had far less than half the short handed scoring chances Luongo had to face.

And just so there is no confusion, these scoring chances were basically Luongo against a breakaway or a 2 on 1.

Do you honestly think it is fair to compare the special teams save percentage of Luongo's Canucks and Schneider's Canucks? Do you not remember how terrible Vancouver was on special teams?

Fact of the matter is that Luongo and Schneider posted the exact same even strength save percentage. Oh, did Schneider have twice as many shots? Luongo has repeatedly said he prefers lots of shots over less shots. I'm sure he's not the only goalie who ever said this. I wonder if any goalie ever said they prefer lots of short handed breakaways and odd man rushes over less short handed breakaways and odd man rushes.

Oh, and for consistency (good old fashioned all together save percentage--by month):

By Month GP SV%
October 7 .869
November 6 .924
December 13 .928
January 8 .932
February 10 .928
March 9 .921

By Month GP SV%
October 5 .927
November 8 .942
December 4 .908
January 3 .917
February 4 .949
March 7 .954

October, Schneider destroys Luongo. But October is not an issue. If you want us to admit he sucks in October, fine. We don't care.

In November, Schneider puts up much better numbers. But Luongo's numbers are great as well.

Luongo and Schneider played a similar number of games in October and November. In December and January, Luongo plays many more games than Schneiders, and dominates him in the stats department.

In February, Schneider has a higher save percentage, but Luongo's is great too. And he played over twice as many games.

In March, Schneider was used to split time with Luongo (nothing to do with Luongo's play). His save percentage is much higher, but Luongo's is fantastic too.

Schneider is a good goalie, but after October, Luongo's save percentage never dipped below .920%. Schneider's did. Twice.

These stats should show you Luongo was not inconsistent. Luongo WAS a big reason the Canucks won the Presidents trophy. Schneider showed in limited samplings enough promise to try something new after game 2.

Schneider had better stats in 3 months, but worse stats in 2 months. He was not relied as the starter night in a night out like Luongo was. That's an easy explanation for his streaky behaviour and godlike save percentage at times. It's also an easy explanation for Luongo's stable save percentage.

You have to argue stats here, as I don't trust your judgement on actually watching Luongo play (due to you thinking the defense inflates Luongo's stats -- our defense is so overrated it's not even funny).

Luongo's the one who had the stable save percentage night in and night out. Schneider had a great October, fantastic November, underwhelming December (reduced to backup), decent January (as backup), fantastic February (as backup), fantastic March (in a tandem with a goalie who was number 1 since late November, and still posted great stats). Schneider showed promise. Luongo was the one who showed consistency. Luongo has shown consistency since 2004.

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