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11-30-2012, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
1-Thomas is a freak, everyone knows that. There is nothing normal about him. Brodeur is WAY past his prime, sorry. I mean LOL at Brodeur... do you think he should be there because of his performance this year too?
2-Well they decline, just like every other player. Doesn't mean they can't play anymore, just means they aren't as good.
3/4-Lu's not as good as he was in florida. And goalie stats aren't inflated?!!! Mike Smith, Brian Elliott, etc. Check out the Save% leaders... all from playoff teams. Are you for real?
5-Leafs are interested. No one else. How can you make that guarantee, especially when Gillis thinks like Canicks fans (overrates him) and everyone else thinks something closer to me?
6-He can lose it quite easily. Was far from spectacular in 2011-12. Not playing this year. In y2k's words, ''has horrible octobers'' or something like that... yeah I don't like his chances.
5. Florida has been rumoured as the top team in the running for quite awhile, almost since the draft

6. How can you say that for certain if you don't watch, like y2k Luongo was our best player last year, carried us through numourous streches from January on and any person who has no bias, and watched every Canuck's game would very much agree.

Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
1. Not following anymore. Theodore wasn't in his prime in 2010, not even close.
2. ? Tim Thomas, pretty much the exception. Brodeur, Roloson????? Are you saying they should be there as well or ??? Honestly what are you trying to prove? They are not better than Ward.
3. No, the point is they have a very good defensive team, goalies aside. A real goalie, Schneider, puts up .935+ SAVE% in front of them
4. WC means very little. Bad teams with little structure are sent there by Hockey Canada. Very small sample sizes. I prefer Ward's NHL seasons and playoffs.
5. Good luck with that. Doubt that happens.
6. .921 Save% doesn't prove he's consistent. Not whatsoever. What were his stats in the playoffs? Why'd he get pulled? Consistent you think?

2. Do you even know the history of the game? Roloson? 06? against your fabled Hurricanes? Do you even watch hockey?

3. Let's see him do that as a starter then you can talk about how great he is.

4. No structure? Hmmm sounds like the Olympics, the players that play in the Olympics have just as little time as the WC to come together as a group, This makes no sense.

6. Why have Luongo's stats been better than Ward's every single season for the last 5 season's if Ward is so much more consistent, please explain, I would love to hear your bone headed ideologies.

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