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11-30-2012, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by billybobjoe1881 View Post
You sir, are on crack.
Originally Posted by Landeslog View Post
NOOOOO. We actually had a 360 and then we sold it and got a PS3.
We like our decision.
Fine, your losses

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
In what world JWK?
Marketing world, although Wii kicked both 360 and PS3's *****.

Nice job on the username jinx again, you made Ronaldo and Real Madrid sad

Originally Posted by Landeslog View Post
That's not even the half of it...
My house is crazy Christmas right now. I love Christmas too much.
I'm almost done shopping as well

BTW on that Duchene suggestion, honestly, Shermy came up with the best(then again he was the only guy that gave a suggestion) one. Maybe you can draw him a santa hat or something.

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