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11-30-2012, 01:01 AM
les Habs
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I like that there are two cups. As for the CL, I think the name should be changed to "The European Cup" since it's no longer just champions participating. I'm fine with that btw, and IMO it'd be easier for a club like Barça to win it were it just champions participating. I think the current format for the CL makes it more interesting and a lot more difficult to win. Sure you see a lot of the same clubs in the knockout stages, but you'd likely get that these days anyway, just to a lesser extent. Of course that would raise the profile of the Europa League with the bigger clubs participating, but I think the CL's current format gives you the best of the best when you get to the semifinal round or so and IMO that's what you want.

As for the Europa League, I'm not so sure it needs a lot of help. I mean if people actually watch the matches there's plenty of entertainment to be had and some clubs have done well in it the past few years and even used it as a springboard for the CL. I think one improvement would be an automatic CL place, qualification round or otherwise, for the winner and the winner only as Shrimper said. While I think it's a bit unfair for the CL teams to get a second shot in the Europa League, it does make things interesting. I mean how great was it to see Athletic put Man Utd out last season? I'm torn on that point though.

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