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11-30-2012, 02:27 AM
Don panch
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I've lurked this thread long enough, and I think its time that I get some feedback regarding this predicament I'm in. Typical met girl in class kind of story, but with this one I'll tell the whole thing just give some background (Warning:Long). Now it starts at the beginning of the semester, I sat next to some girl on the first week cause I thought she was cute, now before I did anything she comes up to me asking me my name, introducing herself, giving me her email, so I'm thinking ok cool now I kind of have an "in" normal class banter etc. Now things carry on as normal till one day she starts talking to me how she thinks she left her phone with her sister, she kept going on and on so I just offered for her to call it using my phone to see if she would pick up. Now mind you I actually did this just as a friendly gesture I wasn't sure I thought more of her than being cute, she calls, a week later I notice she starts sitting all the way across class so I just thought that's weird and carried on...
One month later of her sitting away from me I get a random text from some number I did not recognize, it was her "Why do you sit next to those people?" I'm oblivious at this point it had been a month I didn't save the number so I'm looking around and she then says "its so and so btw :p". At this point I'm like nice back in the game, but I think to myself did she really dig through a months worth of call history to find my number? That's odd... On to next week she comes back to sitting right next to me and talking to me.
At this point you know we talk here and there, but she flat out tells me "I don't check my phone that often so if I don't respond don't worry " I think to myself that's cool I'm still kinda shy and I'm mainly texting her about class so it's not like shes avoiding me asking her out. Some days she texts me a lot smilies all over the god damn place, I'm just responding normally, I wouldn't expect some classmate to be sending some flirtatious texts with smilies unless they might be interested. So i start to flirt back everything's cool. Some days she dosn't respond for a while now I'm not hanging by the phone, I just find it strange she sends some flirtatious texts and I respond and it takes hours if not a day....
Now fast forward through the same old back and forth, we talk a lot in class she tells me shes in a band so she says I should go catch a show... I'm like nice I'm getting closer...but the her texting methods are strange cant quite wrap my head around it.
Finally the problem, this last week I felt it was time to man up so I told her how It was really cool getting to know her and how she seems like a really cool girl, she reciprocates saying how she likes talking to me, and how she finds me cool as well and I tell her semester coming to an end how about you and I hang out some time, she agrees telling me I have her number to just let her know, now this was Tuesday and I was stoked, so I had been busy and I haven't talked to her since then but I saw her in class today, and she totally was being real short with me, just acting strange.... so in a moment of weakness I should have just left it, but I text her asking "Just out of curiosity, have I done something wrong?" she responds with a "Idk, did you." I just responded that I wasn't sure what she meant but I haven't gotten a response since.... I was supposed to go to her show tonight, but I didn't thought it would've been awkward.

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