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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
If Toronto, Boston and Montreal are making their profits by forcing lesser teams to expend that which they do not have then it is certainly just, ethical and to be expected that those big guys should share the cost of the expenses forced on the lesser lights. The last CBA was a license to print money for TO at the expense of those lesser lights. Less payroll for TO and more payroll for Phoenix, Nashville, etc.

The ethics and narrow view don't fly with the complete picture. It's like telling a bank manager who defrauded a bank that he is getting off free and clear and isn't going to lose his job. And in fact is encouraged to do it again. The big guys know that their hands aren't clean.
Toronto, Boston, Montreal, etc. are not making profits by "forcing" lesser teams to expend, not sure how you came to that conclusion. They make money because simply put they're in the handful of rare markets in North America where hockey can generate a high amount of revenue, period.

The players are the ones who win big, because Toronto/Boston/Montreal/etc. subsidize the entire NHL and inflate hockey revenue, but every player from the guys playing for Toronto to the guys on the Blue Jackets, Hurricanes, etc. benefit as the cap rises every year (taking the cap floor up with it).

If you're Toronto, what the heck is Columbus/Carolina/etc. doing for you? They could stop existing tomorrow and you'd still be making the same money.

This is a sweet deal for the players. 30 teams, maybe half pull a profit, but all the players are happy because they're getting their paycheques, and the teams not making money become desperate to pull a profit and are easy to be baited into overspending in a desperate attempt to raise attendance (ie: Columbus overspending on Carter, Wisniewski, in an attempt to keep Nash happy).

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