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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
I see Kassian and Jensen as 2nd line wingers. Excited to see them on the same line eventually.

Schroeder, I think he can make to the NHL in the right situation as an average 2nd/3rd C. But I remain skeptical that we are that right situation for him and that he fits into the current look of this team. Rooting for him though to make the NHL in some capacity.

Gaunce is a safe bet to become a bottom 6 grinder, can play C And LW as well so there's some versatility there. Might play stints at the 2C level but would not be considered as a viable option long term.

Rodin at times looks so smooth with the puck and great protecting the puck on the boards but beyond these flashes, I wonder if he will ever put it together. Gut instinct tells me he is back in the SEL within 3 years.

Although they have a really attractive upside, LaBate/McNally is still too much of a project to judge, along with our new college guys (Myron, Beattie and Hutton). Purely speculating, If I had to choose the likelihood of success in the freshman group, I'm going with Hutton. From the games I listened to, he is heavily depended on at ES and special teams as a rookie, managing to keep his head above water with an even plus minus on a team that's a collective -12 and a low scoring team to boot is an impressive start. And McNally's comparable being Allen? Is this Bryan Allen you are talking about? Don't see one similarity.

Sauve will at the very most be a journeyman 7-8 on a cheap contract. He is at his potential now, very little upside or improvement now. Personally, last season, didn't see much separating him from Alberts. This season, he looks more wildly inconsistent. MG told him to simplify his game but it looks like he is doing the opposite.

Sweatt will continue to toil in the AHL, a classic tweener. I said at the beginning of the season, he needed to take a major step forward this season to remain in the org past this season. I don't see any improvement.

Polasek is someone I'd like to see succeed. I think he could be a capable #6 with the right teacher and continuing development, but I don't see that happening. Sad to see him in the ECHL and not called up yet.

Tanev and Corrado I see as 2nd pairing NHL dmen but Corrado has the higher upside with his shot and tenacity.

Connauton, I've long said I do not really see an NHL future for him. Only If he is baby sat/paired by Tanev. Then he looks pretty good, but otherwise, i do not know why so many were still so high on him in the summer, same wonder goes to Gillis bringing up and praising kconn consistently in interviews.

Blomstrand, still such an unknown to us, but it's been long enough in Sweden. It's time to move to the AHL but he recently moved teams probably as djurgarden was barely playing him and looks to be doing better.

Mceneny is very intriguing to me. Too soon to say projections, but I think he will soon be a premier d man in the OHL. Would've been the Rangers #1 if Murphy did not return.

Agreed with everything here.

Good to hear positive about Hutton. Where do you listen to his games?

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