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Originally Posted by BlazinBruins View Post
Stop crying about "glitch goals". There are no glitch goals. You sound like that PsychicSaw kid who screams in his mic whenever i get a 2 goal lead on him right before he rage quits.
Haha insidemckenzie, you must really enjoy this comment. considering you can vouch for the type of respect i get.

I'm one of the most legit and well recognized players for such legitimacy, in many leagues most of which are HF board ran.

I do not condone unsportsmanlike play. I spearhead that platform across any game type and to any player. I pride myself on OUTPLAYING my opponent and doing things that are DESERVING of reward. If you don't adhere to that notion, and any respectful player should, I don't play you.

I play this game to have fun with competitive and respectful play.

If you don't, you don't deserve to be playing me. You don't deserve to be in a LEAGUE. you don't deserve to waste 30minutes of ANYONE'S time, especially mine, someone who never stoops to exploitative play.

I will quit out on you, whether I'm winning losing or tied, if you play like a donkey. Because its not about a loss, its about being a part of something with integrity. And anyone respectfully ran league, would have guidance to rid a league of such a selfish mentality.

sure, this is just a game. but label it all you will, this is something that involves investment. thought, time, energy, communication, and most importantly RESPECT. and some selfish pric like yourself, tuggernaut, and anyone like you, isnt going to get away with such antics against me.

this game's community needs less players like yourself.

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