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11-30-2012, 05:14 AM
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Glen has evolved alot since he froze up. I only see him as a shade lower than Rick and Darryl now. The nerdiness aspect is quickly disappearing.

The prison is the place where you expect alot of casualties. They barely left anyone there to defend, and only Carl seems like the guy who can somewhat fend them off. The teaser seems to show that the prison turns into a madhouse, and without Darryl/Rick, it only makes sense that they have some serious casualties there.

As for the group going to the governer's spot, I wouldn;t be surprised if they all survive the trip, even if that means a hostage or two.. Merele (sp) is the guy who I think will die off in this battle. First of all, the governer is not going to trust him because he said that black girl was dead. Secondly, if Merele has any soft spot for anyone, it has to be Darryl. If Merele has to choose between pleasing his bro or the governer, he's going to take Darryl. Either way, I cant see Merele coming out alive.

I guess that Axel, and Beth die for sure. I'm undecided on Herschel, but you would figure that it would be a stretch for us to believe that he can survive in an overrun prison in his state. Carol will somehow survive, because I think Darryl needs her and it will be too much to lose both Carol and Merele for him.

There's so many possibilities here. They've set up a great mid season finale.

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