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11-30-2012, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post

I have said this over and over, but if your goal is to turn your money into more money, buying a sports team is the dumbest way to do it. It is a stupid business venture.

And fine, let Jacobs run his team like a business. But sports are a totally unique animal, and the business only (only) works if a large group of people care about it irrationally.

You don't have the business of owning a sports team without fans.

So to treat Jacobs like the poor old innocent business owner just trying to make a buck ignores the reality of the situation.

Fine, try to make a buck. But you aren't getting my love, nor do you deserve it. I care if the team wins, not if Jeremy jacobs makes money. The second I change my priorities is, ironically, the day he stops getting my business.

I bet some of you watch It's A Wonderful Life and root for Old Man Potter. The poor business man!

Well obviously Morris does.
Yes they also cheer at casinos when them and the people around them lose money.

Originally Posted by Spooner st View Post
shhhh.. this is a greedy players appreciation thread.
Well played sir, i'm not even angry.. bro.

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