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11-30-2012, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
LOL. This has absolutely nothing to do with disliking DF. If you do not think that DF is spinning what the NHL is saying, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee. He absolutely is spinning it. That doesn't mean he's lying, just putting his twist on things, so that the players get his message, and see things his way. Why do you think the NHL posted their 2nd offer on their website? It wasn't because they were working on "winning" the PR campaign.

You (the NHL) can offer me (the PA) a gradual reduced split (54%, 51%, 50%, 50% over a 7 yr deal) and say how the players shouldn't take an escrow hit. And when I take that back to the players, I simply point out that the NHL has asked us to give up X billion dollars (which DF has done MANY times). Instead of him pointing out the good things, he simply points out the negative things. Now is that not him spinning the message? Of course it is.
But the end result is that the players ARE being asked to give up X billion dollars IN ADDITION TO CONTRACTING ISSUES.

I don't look at that as spin, I look at that as highlighting the IMPORTANT aspect of the offer and not being distracted by what you call good things.

The fact is that while these players are not economic majors, they know if they are getting taken to the cleaners and each and every NHL offers looks to do that.

Now, you may like to call Fehr pointing out the important aspects of a deal to players as being "spin" I call that Fehr doing his job and not letting the Union get distracted.

The facts are clearly this:

The NHL wants an immediate reduction in salary paid out to players AND they want to cut the contracting issues.

If DF is conveying that message to his Union, that is not spin, that is a Union Leader doing his job.

Big difference.

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