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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post
I went through Thursday’s match reports (for USA I.1 only) and collected data on players who posted relatively high in-game-ratings for their position (I only looked to 30+ for forwards, 20+ for goalies, and 25+ for all other positions). I also went back to look at previous box scores for teams who have players in training camp (but was still unable to find data for the majority of Bombsville’s starters), as well as box scores from friendlies for teams that I felt may have had backups that met that ratings criteria.
You didn't miss any Atomics My starters have been falling behind ever since my Academy went bonkers. I mostly send the kids to camp now. When I'm running a full camp, I still have 7-8 starters available for games. Shipp might have a chance to catch Spicer, but I doubt it. Paquet or Blount might have a shot at SD, but I haven't had a chance to use either outside, yet. And I doubt they're good enough anyway.

Nice lists, though. Scary seeing so many Coronas and B'makers up there. Good thing you did it realistically or I'd hate you too

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