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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Really don't see why the players should be afraid to do this. No deal will nor should be had directly from such a meeting. And if Fehr doesn't want it, the players should simply ask him, Why? Whatever the players hear directly from the owners, they can still take that back to Fehr and say: 'This is what they told us.' Fehr then still can spin it whichever way he wants. I mean really, what's the difference? The players being spun tails by Fehr or by the owners; at least this way they get to hear the owners version directly as well as Fehr's version directly. I'm sure it's not the first time owners and players would have spoken directly to each other in one context or another.
How hard is it to understand that if a player wanted to know how the owners felt at any time, all they had to do was show up to the meeting when the two sides got together.

If each and every one of the union body wanted to attend a negotiating session, Fehr would make the arrangments to accomodate that. Not likely that that would happen, but reduce that to 3 players per team, that's still 90 players, Fehr would make the appropriate accomodations be that a Ballroom in one of the large hotels in the city or setting the players up in a room and having them attend via conference call.

At no point in time has ANY player been discouraged from attending a meeting so if there was the SLIGHTEST inkling that the guys were not being updated with the proper information we would have heard about that a long time ago.

What alot of posters here fail to understand is that this "spinning" and mis-information and secracy was all part of the previous union leadership (Goodenow and Saskin) and to re-establish the unions trust in the leadership, Fehr has had to be more open with both the negotiations and with the communication back to the Union body.

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