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11-30-2012, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post

This is basically just a potshot by Bettman. There's no risk involved from his side, and for all he knows it might cause a little more grumbling by players behind the scenes.

It's purely brinksmanship at this point. Negotiations aren't active, so there's not much else to do but score cheap points.
If the PA refuses to do this, couldn't the league use this in court to counter a disclaimer of interest or decertification? It wouldn't prevent the players from filing suits but it could help in their favour of getting a ruling that the lockout will be considered legal even if the PA disbands (though precendence set by the NFL and NBA would suggest that the NHL would get this ruling anyway). A refusal would lend to the league's argument that disclaimer of interest/decertification is just a bargaining tactic used to threaten the league through legal means, afterall, if the players didn't want to want to talk without their union head in the room, why are they dissolving the union all together and giving up that right to be represented collectively by that same guy?

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