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11-30-2012, 08:24 AM
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Okay I'm going to post in this thread because I've been reading it a while.

So I had this female friend for the last few months that I've been friends with and I like and we talked and texted and **** and hungout once at a fair with her siblings and ****, and I have a few other guy friends who are friends wwith her and talk to her during this. So we talk and **** and I like her and she starting telling me about how much she hates guys and all her past relationships have been crap and doesn't want to date guys and how its her and not the guy (at this point she doesn't know I like her and this isnt her way of getting me to make a move, I know this for a fact) so this basically comes up everything we talk and I'm just thinking like okay whatever I'm not going to make a move we'll just be friends.

So im completely fine just being friends (tbh don't think I'd want to date her anyway to much drama) and one day I end up telling her I like her, and I try to make it a point that i just still want to be friends. Now **** goes to hell and she gets pissed off as **** at my and my friends she knows and all this crap and I have no clue why and I try to apologize but I don't know why shes mad.

Now before all this ever happened, she has anothere guy friend I know who liked her and told her, she said no to him and he got mad, she didn't, he got over it and their still friends.

So back to the story, i tell her i'm sorry and If she wants to keep being friends, she can text me, I won;t text her. She texts me one day and says all this crap about how I make her cry and how she got to close to me and my friends so i'm like sorry and yeah we just let it at that.

I don't know what I did and why shes mad but I think now may she knew I liked her all long and it was a big game to her. Though her friends have come up to me saying that shes crying in class.

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