Thread: News Article: Habs' Diaz Impressive In Switzerland
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11-30-2012, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
Habs would have been wise to look for a legit 2nd pair RD to play with Markov. The Emelin-Diaz pairing was quite good at one point and I agree with you, Diaz needs a hulking type partner to help some shield his weaknesses. Very smart player positionally, no question about that. Along the boards and infront of the net is where he tends to struggle more so.


Considering Kaberle is likely still in the mix, in terms of balancing things out..


Gorges game likely to take a hit from having to cover Kaberle, but it should also make it a useful pairing. Emelin-Diaz despite inexperience are relatively solid defensively. Gorges can play with Subban in the dying minutes and the PK.
Yeah agree for the most part, although I would rather see markov-emelin pairing than gorges-kaberle. I say keep subban and gorges together since they will undoubtedly be together for a long time.

Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
That IS his game, he is a defensive dman, he covers for his partner. This isn't rocket science.

What no more breakaways for Gorges because of darn Kaberle weighing him down?
What gorges game is has nothing to do with the fact that Kaberle should have nothing to do with the second pairing. Unless the team is destined for bottom 3 again.

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