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11-30-2012, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by MISC View Post
I think it will, 100%.

Guys wanting to get back on the ice for purely financial reasons will say they should take the meeting.

Do you really think 700+ men are wanting to lose the whole season? This should cause some turbulence within the NHLPA. Even if just a few players speak out slow cracks within the armour will start to show.

In 5 days the NHL will cancel another 2 weeks. After that 1 more cancellation and the season is over. It's gut check time and a few of the 'soft' liners will break.
The owners will continue to say why this is a good deal for the players, the players will continue to say that they do not want their contracting rights adjusted after agreeing to the 50/50 reduction and another cut in salary 7 years after taking a cut in salary in the previous CBA.

No, I do not think that all 700 players want to lose the season, but if you asked me to put a % on it. I would say that there are MORE owners willing to start the season based on the players last proposal than there are players willing to play under the owners last proposal.

I'd say that close to 70% of the owners in the league are willing to accept the PA's last proposal.

I would venture a guess that it's under 10% of the players that are willing to play under the owners last proposal.

So yes, there are going to be some players that will grumble after this meeting. There are players that are not one bit happy with the PA right now. It's a very veeeery small group.

The thought, and those thinking it, that this will somehow splinter the PA is out to lunch.

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