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11-30-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
People have different opinions about Burke... but opinions overall don't really amount to anything.

Based on the facts Burke has been a failure. A humiliating and disgraceful failure.

It's been four years.

The team he took over was 10th in goals for. Last years team 10th in goals for.
The team he took over was 30th in goals against. Last years team was 29th in goals against.
The team he took over finished 7th last. Last years team finished 5th last.
The Marlies team he took over had almost 15 extra points in the regular season and won precisely one less game in the playoffs than last years marlies.
The Leafs prospects are currently ranked worse by both the Hockey News and HF than the team the took over.

Those are the FACTS.
It takes rhetoric and spin to counter those facts.
Many leaf fans resort to the rhetoric and spin (as opposed to accepting the facts) because they "think he's funny during media interviews".

I personally form my opinion based on facts, not whether I think someone is funny during an interview.
Having a superior intellect than most posters allows me to assess information based on factual and statistical analysis, as opposed to altering reality with spin and rhetoric to form an opinion based on bias.
I guess you neglect to remember that the leafs were the oldest team in the league and strapped to the cap? i guess you neglect to remember that we were tied down to these guys with NTC's? I guess you neglect to remember that Burke managed to turn the cap around and use it as an asset? I guess you neglect to aknowledge that we are going to have one of the lowest payrolls going into a post lock-out offseason with one of the deepest UFA markets that (because of cap reduction) will force teams to shed weight? I guess you neglect to remember that the cupboard was empty when Burke got here, yet our farm team is now a contendor?

Here is 2011-2012 production of our old top six forwards compared to our current:


69 GP 15G 20A 35P (0.51 PPG)


82GP 14G 19A 33P (0.40 PPG)


45GP 7G 5A 12P (0.27 PPG)


69GP 14G 14A 28P (0.40 PPG)


71GP 9G 14A 23P (0.32 PPG)


74GP 23G 28A 51P (0.69PPG)

Average TOP 6 PPG (0.43)

Phill Kessel

82GP 37G 45A 82P (1PPG)

Joffrey Lupul

66GP 25G 42A 67P (1.01 PPG)

Mikhail Grabovski

74GP 23G 28A 51P (0.69PPG)

Tyler Bozak

73GP 18G 27A 29A 47P (0.64 PPG)

Clarke Macarthur

73GP 20G 23A 43P (0.58PPG)


43GP 11G 13A 24P (0.55PPG)

Average top 6 PPG (0.74PPG)

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