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Originally Posted by DropkickQuinn View Post
I dont like it because it gives teams like St. Louis, Minnesota and Buffalo an equal chance with Columbus and a better chance than NYI at picking first overall.

Here's my idea. I don't really want to see it implemented, just something I thought of:

The draft order is done based on the average number of points for each team over the past 3 seasons. Points are added to these averages based on any of these events having occurred over the same time span:

- 5 points are added for a playoff appearance
- 5 points are added for each playoff round win
- 10 points are added for each 1st overall pick
- 10 points are added for each Stanley Cup won
- Ties will be broken by having the team which has won the furthest round of the playoffs (ie. Conference finals vs. Conference quarter-finals) in the described time span have higher placement; if equal it will decided by chance

Therefore the modified point scores are:

Boston Bruins - 158 points
Chicago Blackhawks - 154 points
Los Angeles Kings - 143 points
Vancouver Canucks - 143 points
San Jose Sharks - 143 points
Philadelphia Flyers -139 points
Washington Capitals - 132 points
Detroit Red Wings - 130 points
New Jersey Devils - 123 points
Nashville Predators - 123 points
Phoenix Coyotes - 121 points
Pittsburgh Penguins - 119 points
New York Rangers - 111 points
Montreal Canadiens -109 points
St. Louis Blues - 105 points
Buffalo Sabres - 104 points
Edmonton Oilers - 101 points
Tampa Bay Lightning - 98 points
Ottawa Senators - 96 points
Anaheim Ducks - 95 points
Calgary Flames - 93 points
Dallas Stars - 89 points
Florida Panthers - 89 points
Carolina Hurricanes -88 points
Colorado Avalanche - 85 points
Minnesota Wild - 85 points
Winnipeg Jets - 81 points
Toronto Maple Leafs -80 points
Columbus Blue Jackets - 79 points
New York Islanders - 73 points

The order is then drawn in pools of five such that teams with lower point totals get earlier selections, with each team in the pool receieving even odds; ie. NYI, CLB, TOR, WPG and MIN will be guaranteed the first 5 picks in random order; COL, CAR, FLA, DAL, CGY will have picks 6-10 in random order, etc.

I feel like this model is the best for accurately portraying how good each team has been on whole over the past 3 years, with an emphasis put on playoff success, with the teams which have won the past 3 stanley cups and the past 3 president's trophies all finishing in the top 5 and having the lowest picks, and the teams which have had the lowest point totals without having a 1st overall pick having the highest picks
I like ideas like this the best. Once the teams are ordered, they are put into tiers where they can't draft any lower (I.E the 5 worst teams above can't pick worse than 5th).

It makes no sense to me to allow the random bouncing of a ball to allow a perennial good team like the Wings or Bruins to get a top 5 pick, while Columbus, NYI, Tor, Min and WPG get a bad bounce and pick 20th.

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